Apprentice Shop Books produces award-winning high-interest historical fiction and non-fiction books for children, teens and young adults. We focus on books that open doors to history for young readers. Our books complement many existing curriculum units and programs in a variety of classrooms and homeschool settings.

The Colorado Coal Field War:
Massacre at Ludlow

By K.D. Huxman
Illustrated by Lisa Greenleaf

Once, in America ... coal was king.

But if you were an immigrant miner who just wanted to be paid an honest day's pay for an honest day's work, you might end up dead.
Your family too.

It happened in 1914 in a place near the tiny railroad town of Ludlow, Colorado. Read More

The Zoot Suit Riots:
Clothes, Culture, and Murder

By Barbara Turner
Illustrations by Lisa Greenleaf

Should clothing capture the spirit of a culture, define people, or make them targets? In the case of a zoot suit, wearing one during World War II meant all three.

The freedom of the 40's - night clubs, jazz music, swing dancing - masks the underlying racial tensions of the era. Wearing zoot suits was a way to display style and culture but ended up making Mexican Americans targets. Read More

Feathers & Trumpets:
A Story of Hildegard of Bingen

By Joyce Ray
Illustrations by Lisa Greenleaf

In a life fraught with challenges, Hildegard emerges as the most dynamic 12th century female voice... Feathers and Trumpets chronicles the life of the recently named saint and Doctor of the Church against the backdrop of the Middle Ages. Read More

When Rivers Burned:
The Earth Day Story

By Linda Crotta Brennan
Illustrations by Lisa Greenleaf

Once, in America chemicals killed plants and animals. Cars and factories filled the air with toxic fumes. Oil spills destroyed ocean life. The sewage floating along America's rivers was so thick it sometimes caught fire. The Earth was dying.

Senator Gaylord Nelson believed that attitudes about ecology could change if people understood what was happening. He charged student organizer, Denis Hayes, with setting a plan for a national Earth Day in motion. What these men began on April 22, 1970, would change the world for the better. Read More

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